Price List (Not Done)

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Price List (Not Done)

Post by Owner Danny on Mon Feb 29, 2016 5:36 pm

Abbysial Vine Whip (40B)

Doomed whip (15B)

Torva Set (10-12B)

Pernix Set (18-20B)

Virtus Set (18-20B)

Partyhat Set (3B)

Custom Santa Hat (25B Ea)

Black Partyhat (10B)

Blue Hween (1B)

Red Hween (1B)

Green Hween (1B)

Dragon Claws (5B)

Flameburst Defender (B) (2B)

Flamburst Defender (None B) (3B)

Chaotics Rapier (400-500M)

Chaotic LongSword (2B)

Chaotic Maul (400M)

Chaotic Crossbow (1B)

Bandos Set (700M)

Primal Boots (1B)

Primal Set (Legs,body,helm,kiteshield,boots,gloves) (6B)

Primal 2H sword (10B)

Blue Elegent (2B)

Red Elegent (3B)

Purple Elegent (10B)

Black Elegend (12B)

Green Elegend (16B)

Santa Hat (3B)

Sagittarian coif (2B)

Sagittarian body (2B)

Sagittarian chaps (2B)

Sagittarian vambraces (2B)

Sagittarian boots (2B)

Sagittarian longbow (1B)

Antlers (500M)

Christmas ghost hood (1B)

Christmas ghost body (1B)

Christmas ghost legs (1B)

Steadsfast boots (6B)

Glaiven boots (6B)

Ragefire boots (6B)

Blood necklace (4B)

Hand cannon (15B)

Ornate katana (2B)

Korasis sword (1B)

1 Million RuneScape 3 (1B)

1 Million Runescape 07 (3B)

Mistery Box (50M) *you get them evry time you vote!*

Armadyl godsword (4B)

Statius set (3B)

Vesta Body (1B)

Vesta Plateskirt (3B)

Elysian spirit shield (3B)

Arcane spirit shield (2B)

Divine spirit shield (1B)

Spectral spirit shield (500M)

Onyx ring (i) (2B)

Scythe (300M)

Staff Of Light (200M)

Staff Of Light (Green) (6B)

Staff Of Light (blue) (8B)

Staff Of Light (Red) (10B)

Staff Of Light (White) (12B)

Zogre Bones (100M)

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